Exceptional Point

Exceptional Point is a light installation based on quantum optics, a field I have been researching for a while. It questions the properties of reality. It developed from the light installation Collapse that was connecting the human scale to the quantum scale.

Project statement

An Exceptional point is the point in which the system begins to manifest properties that haven’t been there until recently. It is a transition from a characteristic, base state to an exotic state, a crossing into up to now unknown, sensitive balance between phases, characteristics that did not exist, but subsequently appeared.

Questions of the appearance and the characteristics of the system are increasingly important, and are part of our everyday life - constant fluctuations without a stable form, sudden changes without a fixed state.

At the moment when formal properties are lost and replaced on demand, what stays characteristic? What is authentic, when what we see is no longer what it is?
The last two photos are by Boris Cvjetanović