Interference is a piece composed purposely for the sound installation Resonance (The bell). It positions the artist as a cathalist between the audience, the object and the space.


Interference in physics:
When two or more sound waves from different sources are present at the same time, they interact with each other to produce a new wave. The new wave is the sum of all the different waves. Wave interaction is called interference. If the compressions and the rarefactions of the two waves line up, they strengthen each other and create a wave with a higher intensity.

This type of interference is known as constructive. When waves are interfering with each other destructively, the sound is louder in some places and softer in others. As a result, we hear pulses or beats in the sound. Waves can interfere so destructively with one another that they produce dead spots, or places where no sound at all can be heard. Dead spots occur when the compressions of one wave line up with the rarefactions from another wave and cancel each other.

Composition for the Resonance (The bell),
two audio generators (204c hp) and a mixing board
Tempo: Larghissimo (very very slow)
Suggested duration: ~15-20min

I. stage
Generator 1&2 100Hz
The first channel on the mixing board goes up and then the second one.

II. stage
Generator 1 - 100Hz
Genarator 2 - slowly from 100-140Hz

III. stage
Generator 1 - slowly from 100-140Hz
Generator 2 - 140Hz

IV. stage
Generator 1 - 140Hz
Generator 2 - 140-200Hz

V. stage
Generator 1 - 140-200Hz
Generator 2 - 200Hz

VI. stage
Generator 1&2 - 200Hz
The second channel on the mixing board goes down and then the first one.