It started
with the Sun

"It started with the Sun" is the first from a series of diagrams that I started working on in 2019. From a series of notes slowly a text emerged.  This is just an abstract of it:

It started with the Sun

Sun, a fiery ball in the centre of the solar system. It emits energy in the form of light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. It has always been the most important aspect for our existence. It was the starting force, provider of heat and light. Our perspective on it moved from the godly adoration and mysticism to the physical understanding of the chain of reactions that started life on our planet.

It is safe to say that the Earth wouldn’t develop life without the Sun. The Sun bombards the closed system of the Earth with a constant source of energy and causes resampling of the Earth’s resources. Without the extra energy, the closed system of the Earth would have limitless possibilities - very high entropy. Those possibilities would be eternally permutable and wouldn’t form bonds and higher structures.

The influence of the Sun limits the set of possibilities - lowered the entropy, which caused the earth’s resources to self-organise, creating more complex arrangements. From the atoms the molecules developed, from the molecules more complex structures, till ultimately life appeared and culture emerged. This happened because life is very good at dissipation and preserving energy. Maybe culture is the final destination for dissipating energy from the Sun.

The diagram also insinuates the progress from the energy into information or how energy is manifesting itself through complex structures that emerge from it. If we understand this progress of complexity as a manifestation of life, is culture just a by- product of life or is it a higher emerging life form in this hierarchy? From simple to more complex, to the final outcome, the bodiless entity, manifested from language to neural networks and at some point, possibly, sovereign consciousness.

This mural (100x200 cm) is located in Spielplatz Roter Berg in Vienna.
It was created as part of a public exhibition “Dimensiones variable”
organised and curated by Alexander Felch.

Lainz / Speising

Link to the website of the event: