(Music of the spheres)

Reality is created by sound, tones, harmonics. The spheres are the harmonics on the Tree of Life. They are the wheels of synchronicity that create the illusion of linear time.

— Pitagora

Sound installation composed of three spherical objects: a red, yellow and blue sphere. They dominate the dark space; they are set in with their size, different tones of sound and spherical surfaces. Their activation is random, surprising and unpredictable, creating an endless sound composition. Discretely charming and hypnotically alluring like the mythological creatures responsible for so many shipwrecks. An exact embodiment of the perfect musical harmony hidden within the mathematical formula of the proportional movement of astronomical objects.

Their sound appears as a sound of a choir of hundred voices, the duration of the sound is approximate to the average human breath. In their size, 170cm, they are antrophomorfic.

Through mutual communication the spheres change and distort the space; set the space in motion with the sound waves and create an interactive situation. The spatial relations are formed on the basis of the three plans and three colours, suggesting three depths. They manipulate perception so the exhibition space - just like space after the Big bang - appears endless and limited at the same time. At moments they behave like astronomical objects - the Sun, the Moon and the planets. They are a reminder that the music of those spherical bodies is not non-existent just because it is inaudible to us humans.

Technical details:
• 450 plastic trumpets
• 3 air distributions
• Arduino
• Electromagnetic valves
• Rotary screw compressor

Technical requirements:
• Rotary screw compressor
• About 200 square meters of space

Collaborators: Bruno Blažinč, Ivan Marušić Klif, Nedeljko Hiršl
Project realised with suport of Mochvara Gallery
Special thanks to Kontejner