The Collapse

“The Collapse” is a part of the “The Limit of representation” exhibition project, aiming to make visible parts of reality that are beyond human experience.

The project started in 2019, in collaboration with Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, in Garching, Germany. In collaboration with Dr. Neven Šantić the scientist from MPI, the artist developed a light installation based on the double slit experiment.

The double slit experiment demonstrates the wave function collapse. If a photon passes through the two slits undisturbed it will behave as a wave and form an interference pattern. If we measure through which of the two slits it passes it behaves as a particle, implying that our reality is undetermined until it is observed. The result of the experiment depends on the observer.

The output of the experiment is usually of small scale, but for the installation purposes it has been scaled up to the limits of what is physically possible, thus projecting it in a much larger format. It is meant to connect the quantum scale to the human scale, bringing us closer to the parts of reality that we can’t normally observe.

Photos by Hrvoje Hiršl & Eva van Boxtel